How To Create Jamb Profile Using Jamb Mobile App

Earlier, I wrote on how to How to create and update Jamb profile Using your phone’s web browser. In this tutorial, I will walk you through how to create the same Jamb profile using Jamb Mobile App.

You should know by now that there is no way you can register Jamb 2018 without creating your personal Jamb profile.

There is a common question: I have already created Jamb profile using web browser/OperaMini, do I need to create another one with the Jamb Mobile App? The answer is NO.

Steps To Create Jamb Profile Using Jamb Mobile App

Step 1: Download the

JAMB Mobile Application for Android Here.

Download the Jamb Mobile Application for Windows here

Step 2: Install the App you downloaded in step one above

Step 3: Open the Jamb Application and you will see something like the Image Below.

Jamb Mobile App


Step 4. Click On SIGN UP

Step 5: Enter your Email Address

Step 6: Confirm Your Email Address

Step 7: Click on the 3rd Line and Select any Security question you can be able to remember

Note: The Security Question will help you while logging in or for resetting your Password.

Step 8: Enter A Secret Answer to your Question

Step 9: Confirm The Secret Answer you Entered

10: Click Continue

Step 11: On the Next page, enter a Password and Confirm it

Step 12: Enter your Basic Details, Date of Birth and Confirm your Date Of Birth

Step 13: Enter Your Country, State of Origin and LGA of Origin

Step 14: Click Sign Up.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your JAMB PROFILE.

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